Products & Services

Software develops management systems for companies of different sectors. Flexibility and tailor made solutions are the most important features of our software.

Modular Architecture

Our software solutions are based in modular architectures that enables our applications to solve the special and different requirements of each of our customers. Our software modules can be adapted and combined to build a unique and custom applications for our client. All of our software solutions are actively developed by ourselves, this enables us to adapt and customize everything to the particular requirements of each company.

Distributed Systems

All of our applications work with powerfull databases and persistence layers that allow them to perform simultaneous jobs and have concurrent connections from users from any part of the world.

Old concepts like multi-user or multiseat don't apply to our programs. You and your coworkers will be able to work simultaneously without restrictions and from wherever you want.


We have readily available applications for the transportation sector, property management and sales.